Thursday, June 21, 2007

Online Marketing

So I guess I don't really understand all of this world of blogging. Everyone seems to talk about having the most ads placed in the most optimal position to increase your ad-clicks so that you can make more money in the hopes that you can stay home and write on your block so that more people will come and click on your optimally placed google ads.

Strange world this - I mean I don't really get it. What are people providing?
It really seems to be providing a space for someone to place an ad. Kind of like building a billboard in your front yard - though granted that would be a little overbearing driving down the street and seeing an ad in everyone's front yard.

Though, I guess you could say that is what a car is. It in itself is an ad. Every time you see one it gets you thinking - oooo a Toyota Camry. Looks so fine!! I want one.

I guess ist is that, not understanding what it is exactly that is going on in this realm. What is being produced? What is being traded? In a way this version of online marketing is very - well - economically odd. At least from my stand point.
Now, I am no blogger. As this blog attests - but I work for a company that does online marketing. Yet, I don't quite understand it!!! It is as if I am swimming in a world that the reality doesn't quite make sense to me yet.
Who knows? Perhaps it will - eventually!