Monday, February 18, 2008

the Olympia Bakery

so - every Thurs., Friday, & Saturday, they offer 3, 4, or 5-course meals (your choice), in the guts of their big bakery.
So, yes, you eat next to the ovens, and the bags of flour.
It's also incredible food.
In all essence, this area (including this restaurant!) is the Bay Area, in a 1-mile strip of antique malls, unique/interesting restaurants, and colorful botiques.
"This area" is: Kalk Bay (if you look at a map, it's in between Muizenberg & Fish Hoek).


local fish & chips.
fishermen & grime.
love it!

the Harbor House

the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been to.
everything's white.
the rest is all windows
it's Right on the sea.
It's incredible food.
lots of fish.
what else to say?
this is where saul wants us to go for our "regular" Friday-night drinks.
p.s. - this is also where he happened to propose to me!


Penny's: Penny's is our favorite natural food store. It is owned by Penny. It is in the little "village" of Muizenberg. It's essentially a little "farm stall", with a bunch of produce, raw milk, unpasteurized cheese, & meat from a bunch of (or a few?) local, biodynamic farms.
We love it there!
I've since befriended Penny's daughters Caitlyn & Jess!
Caitlyn is ordering eco-diapers, etc. for them, and helping to open up the new "smoothie" section of the store.
They are adding on, and with that is a big "farm table", where people can come in and eat salads, etc.
We barely need to go to any other store.
We love it.
It's like eating out of your own garden - (or, as close as that!).

Our next stop shopping is the Olive Station.
There we get our weekly "veggie box".
It's pretty there.

Tokai Market

Farmer's Markets:
there are a few.
The most local is the Tokai market.
It's really cute.
You can go for pancakes in the morning, coffee, or smoothies.
"Beware of baboons" as you eat.
They don't have a ton of produce, but do have really nice olive oil, exotic local mushrooms, flowers (we got a bunch of roses with mint last time!), some crafts, & the most gorgeous, artistic cheese I've ever seen!
It all has a nice "chalkboard & wooden stall" look/feel.

Fish Out the Sea

the fishermen go out in their colorful fishing boats.
We try to spot them at the right time coming in, so that we can go fetch their goods on arrival!
We need to make this more of a daily ritual!
Apparently the fish aren't coming in everyday?
ahh...this must come to an end!
We need our fish in plenty!
*We Finally went & bought our first fresh fish!


Woodstock is exceptional!
So exceptional that I'm not sure if we'll go again!
It's bumper to bumper in there of gorgeous falafels, wine, specialty ice cream/gelato, other delectable gourmet items, and a fashion show of capetonians in all their nicest summer apparel.


Olympia: This is the local cafe/deli that we frequent pretty much daily, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
We know the staff.
they know our baby.
It's so small-town.
It's loud.
It's local.
It's perfect, in that sense.
We eat things like the most perfect, fluffy eggs there, or goat cheese, salami, & berry salad.
we never eat things like that in the States!
We just don't.
But - it's here, so we're eating it!
And, it's good!
Saul often gets coffee, wine, cookies, creme brulee...
mussels, hamburgers, fish...
*So - we just went there AGAIN, last night. Saul got the most Delicious leg of lamb that just fell off the bone. We walked past the back of the restaurant before we went in this particular evening. We noticed they have their own vineyard right there. The grapes are young, so the wine is not all that yet. And, we know the owner, & know that he only looks for the best quality food.
More & more - I really like this place!
I would describe it as french - buttery & oily, but really done so well.
And, the staff is some of the best I've ever had - truly.
laid back, yet completely on top of it.
Olympia - our home away from home here...
our 2nd kitchen.

View's from the front yard

Hey, so I wanted to share this pic of the view from my front "sun-room". Bloody brilliant!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kalky's Valentines 2

It was Saul's turn to do Valentine's.
He made me breakfast, got me my pick of flower boquets at the store, & got me fish/chips from Kalky's.
really sweet - I liked it!, 'cause we got the same thing last year - (tradition!)...
He got me local, organic red wine (which I haven't had in decades).
I had some, & it was alright!
My view was watching him eat in the sun room, and surfers surf in the background/backyard, in the sea!
He had a bunch of tea light candles lit in the shape of a heart.
It was very nice/somewhat surreal.
The 3 of us sat there & watched the surfers after we ate.

Cafe des Arts

just down the street.
opened by the former chef of the Olympia.
It's actually my favorite place here.
There's nothing to it.
It's the exact same wood ceilings & floor as our house here.
They have about 8 tables.
They seat them all once per evening, and that's it.
amazingly fresh.

Konnichiwa! - a slice of Taiwan in Africa

Glendy Tseng was our first visitor.
She had some very quotable moments.
Glendy is a good friend of mine from college, now living in SF, originally from Taiwan.
When she got to the airport, and was standing in line for customs, she was so stoked, 'cause she was the "only asian"! :)
I love that!
Then, she said some of her friends/family were worried about her coming to "South Africa" -
with it's reputation, etc.
She said she just told her mom, "No mom, I'll be in Cape Town. It's totally different. There are lots of wealthy people here. They do things like have plastic surgery."
Her mom was pleased, and felt content!
Then, Glendy discovered the "black beach". It's in the harbor.
I guess it was the only beach in this area during apartheid that they were allowed to go to.
Glendy thought the kids were so cute.
She wanted to take their photographs.
She hesitated though - she was the only asian amongst all of these blacks!
She went in though - walking through all of their "braais" (S. African version of bbqs).
She asked the mamas if she could take photos of their kids.
They obliged, and she did get the Cutest photos!
Several were of 3 little girls, all wearing the same, matching suits.
They then started posing for her.
Then, 3 fishermen noticed what was happening, and yelled, "Hey! Konnichiwa! Take our picture!" :)
Glendy obliged, but explained to them that she was not japanese.
They said, "oh - 'nee-ha'!" (k - I don't know how to spell in mandarin!)...
Glendy said it was the "best trip she ever took in her life"! wow! :)
She said we could quote her on this!
She also said she was pretty sure we would retire here.

my other favorite moment re: Glendy's trip was her endearing postcard to herself:
"Glendy - what a great idea to go on vacation now.
Kalk Bay, South Africa is so beautiful!"
Glendy - you're cool!

Candlelight Trip for Eyala

We went to Clifton beach the other night for "Moonlight" - it's actally a show they put on, where everyone comes out and picnics with candles.
Clifton is on the Atlantic side - known as the "African Riviera".
I must say - the music sucked!
But - aw...candles & the moon?!
Eyala was so trippin' on all the lights!
very nice.


SaUL just went for his morning swim.
It was perfectly calm.
The sun was rising.
Then, there were like 100 dolphins swimming in front of him.
He watched in awe.
(It's not that common to see dolphins here)!
Then, as he rushed back in with his excitement, and went to look at the sea again from our sun room - he yelled at me to come see the whale!, which are normally only here from June - Oct.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life On The Beach

Here we are in the Cape.
The Sea is Roaring.
Our baby has 2 bottom teeth.
The Sun in Blazing.
Our baby is getting ready to crawl.
We have adapted to life well.
Our skin is bronzed.
Our hair is 'crusted'.
We feel like we're eating sand & tasting salt as we wake, rise, live, & breathe.
We hypnotize ourselves by watching the surfers, as we slide back our salt-sprayed doors.
We're going to be buying our own surfboard/wetsuits this weekend, & start diving in ourselves.
We've both taken lessons, and are ready to immerse!
We wake up to the most piercing light of the sun rise, & fall to sleep with the sound of the wave's crash/roll.
After a month of settling in, we want to get even more into the rhythm/routine of morning swims & surfs, & evening braais with these fishies from the Bay, that we are swimmming with by day.
live, sleep, eat, drink sea.