Saturday, July 28, 2007

Keen vs Weinberger

Well Andrew Keen just keeps bumping up against my amateur ass. I hear him on NPR, read about him on blogs and on and on. I am kind of a little over his diatribe but I found this discussion between him and Weinberger of the Wall Street Journal
I think it is one of the best debates thus far between Keen and anyone else. I think that Weinberger gives him a good run for his money. The debate about what the web and specifically web 2.0 means for the "old" economy has been going on since the rise of silicon valley in the 90's. Telephone companies have cried, music has cried, advertising is crying, mass media is crying. So interesting that organizations are so scared of change. Why? Why do people not see change as something that is part of the dynamic existence of humanity. It is what makes it happen, it is what makes it fun.
Along that line check out this video from the Ted Conference by Tony Robins. I think that it is this inspiration, this emotion that has driven the internet for the past 20 years and is what frightens so much of the established communication economy. It doesn't want emotion - it can't control it - it doesn't want amateurs definining the conversation - it can't control it. This is the issue of today, this is the democracy of today. It is what makes me excited.

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