Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Finance Lab

I cam across The Finance Lab prospectus today while sitting in my
office (actually a friends apartment). This got me sooo excited. This
is exactly the idea that I recently proposed to a contact at Global
Business Network and am still hoping to continue the conversation.

I hope that I can get my skills into these sorts of discussions. I
hope that I can find a place for me in something like this lab or
something similar and be part of a team of people thinking,
theorizing and putting into action the resulting policy ideas that
lead to innovation and change in our financial system.

I think I can do this. It is all slowly coming together - my deep
interest in political economics, economic development, environment
and sustainability, scenario planning and most importantly financial

Please let there be an awesome job for me in this space that allows
me to utilize my creativity, my intellectual knowledge and my
passion :-)

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