Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Constraints and Possibilities

Yes I grapple with understanding possibilities for change. How is change constrained and enabled? What empowers and disempowers? How does theory and understandings lead to options of change? What actors, histories, geographies and relationships enable a place of change? For me change is the most interesting thing about life. How we are given moments and opportunites - perhaps given is not the right word - lets rather say "use". How do we use moments and opportunities to create new relationships?
We have multiple levels of relationships that we constantly need to negotiate. These relationships do not go one way - they are two way and that is what makes it so incredibly interesting. It is not about the extremes on this continuum but rather the gray areas.
How a society creates the economic opportunities for itself and its people and what limits this and what enables this?
I understand that there are always a set of specific relationships both grounded in historically and geographically specific understandings that lead to a set of possibilities and opportunities and constraints. Understanding that we are neither passive recipients of such forces as global capital or more broadly globalization and are neither completely free to define as we see fit these relationships. But, that rather we are in a constant relationship - perhaps dialectical, though I am not convinced - with these elements and that they are in no way monolithic.
It is this that is empowering understanding that our histories and geographies are truly relevant to the construction and relationship to these elements. It is this that actually enables new understandings and possibilities.

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