Sunday, August 19, 2007

Constraints of Change

What has happened since the end of Apartheid? How has it reconfigured the local relationships of communities? How are white & non-white communities dealing with the new engagement with the global community? What is enabling or constraining one community to grow and prosper? What does the land question mean in Cape Town? How are communities dealing with the arrival of large informal settlements? Why have some communities become antagonized by this arrival while others have avoided it completely? Why have squatters chosen one location over another? What role does local politics and history play in the arrival of large informal settlements? And, how has the local community reacted? How has the engagement with the global economy reworked local economies? What has enabled some communities to deal with this new engagement on a much more successful level then other communities? What role does history play in this? Race? Class?

Understanding how a much broader political and economic opening has affected relationships and communities on the ground leads to understandings of negotiating political and economic change? Is there any way to make broader generalizations? How do we understand the process of change and its relationship to history and geography?

Many questions....not clear on how to even explore potential answers.

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