Thursday, February 14, 2008

Konnichiwa! - a slice of Taiwan in Africa

Glendy Tseng was our first visitor.
She had some very quotable moments.
Glendy is a good friend of mine from college, now living in SF, originally from Taiwan.
When she got to the airport, and was standing in line for customs, she was so stoked, 'cause she was the "only asian"! :)
I love that!
Then, she said some of her friends/family were worried about her coming to "South Africa" -
with it's reputation, etc.
She said she just told her mom, "No mom, I'll be in Cape Town. It's totally different. There are lots of wealthy people here. They do things like have plastic surgery."
Her mom was pleased, and felt content!
Then, Glendy discovered the "black beach". It's in the harbor.
I guess it was the only beach in this area during apartheid that they were allowed to go to.
Glendy thought the kids were so cute.
She wanted to take their photographs.
She hesitated though - she was the only asian amongst all of these blacks!
She went in though - walking through all of their "braais" (S. African version of bbqs).
She asked the mamas if she could take photos of their kids.
They obliged, and she did get the Cutest photos!
Several were of 3 little girls, all wearing the same, matching suits.
They then started posing for her.
Then, 3 fishermen noticed what was happening, and yelled, "Hey! Konnichiwa! Take our picture!" :)
Glendy obliged, but explained to them that she was not japanese.
They said, "oh - 'nee-ha'!" (k - I don't know how to spell in mandarin!)...
Glendy said it was the "best trip she ever took in her life"! wow! :)
She said we could quote her on this!
She also said she was pretty sure we would retire here.

my other favorite moment re: Glendy's trip was her endearing postcard to herself:
"Glendy - what a great idea to go on vacation now.
Kalk Bay, South Africa is so beautiful!"
Glendy - you're cool!

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