Monday, February 18, 2008


Penny's: Penny's is our favorite natural food store. It is owned by Penny. It is in the little "village" of Muizenberg. It's essentially a little "farm stall", with a bunch of produce, raw milk, unpasteurized cheese, & meat from a bunch of (or a few?) local, biodynamic farms.
We love it there!
I've since befriended Penny's daughters Caitlyn & Jess!
Caitlyn is ordering eco-diapers, etc. for them, and helping to open up the new "smoothie" section of the store.
They are adding on, and with that is a big "farm table", where people can come in and eat salads, etc.
We barely need to go to any other store.
We love it.
It's like eating out of your own garden - (or, as close as that!).

Our next stop shopping is the Olive Station.
There we get our weekly "veggie box".
It's pretty there.

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