Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life On The Beach

Here we are in the Cape.
The Sea is Roaring.
Our baby has 2 bottom teeth.
The Sun in Blazing.
Our baby is getting ready to crawl.
We have adapted to life well.
Our skin is bronzed.
Our hair is 'crusted'.
We feel like we're eating sand & tasting salt as we wake, rise, live, & breathe.
We hypnotize ourselves by watching the surfers, as we slide back our salt-sprayed doors.
We're going to be buying our own surfboard/wetsuits this weekend, & start diving in ourselves.
We've both taken lessons, and are ready to immerse!
We wake up to the most piercing light of the sun rise, & fall to sleep with the sound of the wave's crash/roll.
After a month of settling in, we want to get even more into the rhythm/routine of morning swims & surfs, & evening braais with these fishies from the Bay, that we are swimmming with by day.
live, sleep, eat, drink sea.

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